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Инструкция по сборке гидропонной установки

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Инструкция по сборке гидропонной установки компании Новые Зеленые Технологии.

Наши системы позволяют выращивать зеленые корма за 7 дней, круглый год.

Наши системы предназначена для мелких и крупных хозяйств

По вопросам приобретения 8 (775) 254 83 93 или посетите наш сайт http://www.newgreentech.kz......

Assembling Instructions of the hydroponic installation of the company New Green Technologies.

Our systems allow you to grow green forage for 7 days, all year round.

Our systems for small and large farms.

On the acquisition of 8 (775) 254 83 93 or visit our website at http://www.newgreentech.kz......

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Assembly instructions of the hydroponics installation. 3 The walls of the structure are are joined together by planks from below and from above, which are bolted. On the front and back straps are located special clips holder for pipes: small on the front for the water supply system, large on the back for the drain system..

A water supply system is installed which is a connected pipe with a tap. This system is attached to the clips of the front bar. Using additional pipes, a pump is connected to this system in the water tank..

Trays are installed. Installation of drain pipes.

To the front bar from below, the base of the module putting on cover..

The power from the pump is connected to this module. The module is connected to the network, only after the trays have been filled with grain. Before pouring the grain it must be pretreated. To begin with, it is necessary to clean the grains of impurities, for this in a grain container pour water. And the volume of water should correspond to the volume of grain, if a bucket of grain - then a bucket of water..

As a result of this procedure, various impurities will surface on the surface of the water, the remains should be cleaned manually. Thorough grain cleaning is very important, which provides good growth. After cleaning, we put the grain in a bag..

Further disinfection with a solution of potassium permanganate. The solution of potassium permanganate is prepared in the proportion of 0.1 gram per 10 liters of water..

The bag of the grain is lowered into the solution of potassium permanganate for 30 minutes. After that, the grain bag is transferred to warm water and left for 12 hours..

After cleaning and disinfection, the grain is poured into trays..

The thickness of the grain layer should be approximately 2 centimeters. 4 kilograms of seeds used per tray. It is necessary to strew 7-8 centimeters from the drainage side in order to allow the outflow of water to flow more freely. To smooth the grain layer, you can use a spatula to align.

Water is being pumped into the tank..

Module power is connected to the network..

Setting the module: by opening the lid on the timer, you should press the button with the clock icon. All the valves open with a half turn..

From this point on, the installation is switched on Lighting: The first three days of the seeds should be in full darkness, you can use sodium lamps or LEDs. The next four days should be under lighting from 8 to 20 00. The grass grows at +18 degrees..

After the mass of grass is growing, there will be collection of grass. One tray gives 20 kilograms of green grass. Eight days from the whole installation, we get 150-160 kilograms 20 kilograms of green food is enough for feeding two cows or.

5 pigs or.

15 sheep or.

50 rabbits or.

400 hens. There is the possibility of building up the system.

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